• Expertise

    HMS Group is one of the leading diverse corporations that combines manufacturing (pumps, oil and gas equipment, compressors), engineering and construction companies. We work on markets including oil & gas, nuclear and thermal power generation, water supply & utilities, metallurgy, etc. Our strong R&D base can offer fully integrated solutions from design and manufacturing to engineering, construction works, repairs and maintenance.

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    Annual Report 2014

  • Business diversification

    industrial pumps
    oil & gas equipment

    HMS Group focuses on customers, and all our businesses – from product development to after-sales services – are tailored to solve their goals. The deep understanding of our customers’ needs and markets, the ability to engineer products to meet clients’ specific requirements and our strong expertise in manufacturing helps us to secure mutually beneficial partnerships.

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  • New innovative products

    HMS Group offers extensive products range in various sets with diverse options, pumps and units, compressors and units, measuring and modular equipment, etc.

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  • Our projects

    HMS Group continuously strengthens its research and development capabilities and has a considerable experience in integrated solutions. The company’s strategy aims at establishing the best R&D in Russia and the CIS, and HMS’ engineers continue to design and provide customers with innovative and effective solutions for any given specific requirements.


    Oil pumping station for the Zapolyarye – Purpe oil pipeline


    Ministry of Water Resources of Turkmenistan

    “Zakhmet-Turkmenkala” water-pumping stations


    Lukoil – Permneftegazpererabotka

    Turbine-driven gas transportation units based on centrifugal compressors


    Vertically split centrifugal compressor units for the Prirazlomnaya platform


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  • Positioned for Growth

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    net debt
    total debt
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  • Best Corporate
    Governance Standart

    Board of Directors in accordance with applicable law executes governance in HMS Group as the joint business. The Board of Directors of HMS Hydraulic & Machines Systems Group Plc is composed of executive, non-executive and independent directors in order to balance the interests of all the shareholders and investors of HMS Group. The structure and activity of the Board of Directors is described in the IPO prospect and is governed by the Board of Directors regulations. Along with the Board of Directors two committees headed by two independent directors are formed: Audit Committee and Compensation Committee.

    Operating management of the HMS Group commercial activity is carried out by the CEO (managing director) of HMS Hydraulic & Machines Systems Group Plc. Since 2005 the business administration of the Russian manufacturing companies of HMS Group is carried out by the Managing company HMS Group Managment company LLC that performs the functions of chief executive body of the above-mentioned companies. The managing directors of HMS Group are the employees of the HMS Group Management company LLC.

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  • New markets –
    Big opportunities

    In 2014 HMS Group continued to implement its international sales strategy adopted by shareholders in 2011. The activities have been carried out in the following directions:

    • Brand awareness in target regions;
    • Further adaption of product portfolio to international standards;
    • Sales to traditional clients;
    • Business development with new target clients;
    • Participation in international marketing events.

    The main 2014 achievements comprised signing of several material contracts with key clients - BP and Lukoil Overseas, significant increase of order intake, revenue and gross profit compared to previous years, creation of solid basis for further growth of international sales revenues in 2015.

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