2014 in context


LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD (Bulgaria) commissioned a compressor unit made by KKM, intended for flare gas utilization at the oil processing plant.


Apollo signed a contract to deliver eight BB5-type API610-compliant pumps, which are the critical parts for a new oil processing plant in Russia, currently under construction, having won in cutthroat competition with leading foreign pump producers.

After successful testing, Apollo supplied for the Permas Field Project Malaysia (MURPHY Oil) a TGD-50B/10 high-pressure and high-speed BB5 pump for offshore application, in line with the API-610 standard.


HMS Neftemash produced and delivered a mobile non-separation measuring unit based on the Roxar MPFM 2600 multiphase flow meter.

HMS Neftemash completed successful field tests of the “Mera-MP” metering unit based on a multiphase flow meter “NetOil&Gas” at a client’s plot. That was the first test of the equipment for high-viscosity (up to 500 cSt) oil fluid property evaluation on sub-zero oil.


HMS Group signed a 981 million rubles credit agreement with Raiffeisenbank to finance its capital needs.


HMS Group and Gazprom Neft signed a 5-year strategic cooperation agreement in the field of delivery of oil & gas and pumping equipment for modernization and development projects of Gazprom Neft’s companies. The document also contains regulations regarding the information exchange on present and upcoming products and solution of HMS and the estimated demand of Gazprom Neft for equipment, technologies and integrated solutions.

HMS Neftemash completed successful tests of a pre-production model of a centrifugal water-purifying machine.


Apollo signed a contract with one of the leading international engineering companies - Alstom Power for production and delivery of a large quantity of pumping equipment for the Koeln Niel power plant construction project (Germany). According to the contract, the customer will receive two main VS6 condensate pumps with a flow rate of 760 cubic meters per hour and head of 97.8 meters, two main OH2 boiler feed water pumps with a flow rate of 285.6 cubic meters per hour and head of 130 meters, as well as four heating circulation and forwarding pumps. All of the pumping units will be produced according to API-610 standards and equipped with automation and control systems.

Complete systems based on three vertically split centrifugal compressor units made by KKM for the Prirazlomnaya offshore ice-resistant oil-producing platform (Gazprom), designed for development of the Prirazlomnoe field in the Pechora Sea shelf, successfully passed acceptance tests. The first compressor unit is intended to compress associated petroleum gas and deliver it as fuel gas to the gas turbine unit for energy production, the second unit – to compress and deliver a stripper with absorbing (hydrocarbon) gas for hydrogen sulfide stripping on the sea platform, and the third – a reserve unit – is utilized to supply gas turbine units with fuel gas.

HMS Group Shareholders Annual General Meeting was held on June 24, 2014. The shareholders approved the Company’s annual report for 2013 and the consolidated and stand-alone financial statements of the Group for 2013, the new composition of the Board of Directors, voted for the payment of dividends in the amount of 3.41 rubles per GDR, and appointed Deloitte Limited, Cyprus as the Group’s auditors, while the Group’s Directors had been authorized to agree on the auditor’s remuneration.

HMS Group signed a credit agreement with Unicredit Bank for 800 million rubles, used for the refinancing of bank indebtedness.


KKM delivered compressor units to the Plesetsk launch site. Multi-shaft centrifugal compressors, 250 cubic meters per minute, outlet pressure 9 and 16 Mpa, impress and deliver air providing support for a thermostatic system of a launching site at the prelaunch period.

KKM completed delivery of equipment to the compressor stations of Gazprom’s South Stream: Ekaterinovka, Bubnovka and Pisarevka.

NIITurbokompressor developed and KKM produced the first refrigerating multiplicatory-type compressor unit for propane compression in Russia.


KKM and NPO “Iskra” signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of production of gas transportation equipment.

Nizhnevartovskremservis completed modernization of a testing stand for CNSg pumps to commission new products.


HMS Group made a partial redemption of its Ruble bonds series 02 for 900 million rubles, excluding accumulated coupon interest. The company purchased 900,000 bonds at 100% par value. 3 billion ruble bonds with a 10.75% coupon rate were issued in February 2012 and mature in February 2015. Raiffeisenbank both financed the deal and acted as purchase agent.

Apollodelivered pumping equipment to a gas and steam turbine power plant Lausward (Duesseldorf) ordered by Siemens. the customer received two main condensate pumps with a flow rate of 750 cubic meters per hour and head of 291 meters and two condensate polishing pumps in vertical can design that will be operated with frequency converter.

Apollo signed an agreement to deliver API-610-complaint pumping equipment to Kraken FPSO vessel in the North Sea, one of the largest FPSO vessels in the world, that is a continuation of offshore equipment project & design development.

KKM was recognized as the best domestic producer of pump and compressor equipment in 2014 according to a survey, hold by the State Duma Energy Committee among oil & gas companies in Russia.

KKM and KMPO signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of development and production of equipment for gas transportation units (GPU) and compressor stations.

Bobruisk Machine Building Plant completed modernization of its machine workshop to increase the quality and quantity of products and decrease production costs. There were four multi-function machining centers installed: HNK VTC-12/16 3-Axis vertical turning lathe (Dynamic International, South Korea) with multiple machining capability, a turning lathe machining center (Germany), DMU 65 monoBLOCK 5-axis milling with a redefined swivel rotary table (DMG MORI, Germany) and a HRM-15 portal machining center (South Korea).


HMS Neftemash completed successful field tests of a metering unit “Mera-MP” based on a multiphase flow meter “NetOil&Gas” at a client’s plot. That was the first test of the equipment for high-viscosity (up to 1,000 cPs) oil fluid property evaluation on cold oil without the use of an inline heater.

KKM delivered a centrifugal compressor with the lubrication system for Stavrolen (LUKoil) under a signed contract to produce and deliver a gas booster station (GBS) consisting of a complete GPU with capacity 25 MW and 2.2 bn ncm/year and pressure ratio 3.85. GBS is intended to deliver dry stripped gas (DSG) produced from associated petroleum gas (APG) from oil & gas fields of the North Caspian to a gas transportation system (GTS) of Gazprom.


Lukoil – Permneftegazpererabotka (Lukoil-PNGP) successfully brought into production three turbine-driven GTUs made by KKM. These gas transportation units, based on 4GC-70/17-62 GTU centrifugal compressors with turbine drives of 6 MW capacity and produced by JSC “Aviadvigatel”, are intended to compress dry stripped gas and deliver into a main gas pipeline of Gazprom and to a power generating unit of Lukoil-PNGP. Centrifugal compressors for GTUs were designed by NIITurbokompressor , made single-casing and two-section, without industrial cooling, and provide compression ratio 3.6.

Livnynasos completed modernization of its machine production.


HMS Neftemash completed the largest multiphase metrological test flow facility in Russia to verify and assess the up-to-date multiphase metering units as per the Russian state verification schedule.

Sibnefteavtomatika (Sibna) designed, produced and delivered an aircraft fuel systems testing bed. It is a part of an integrated test facility, which is capable of simulating the entire range of flight loads and operating data (pressure, temperature, roll and pitch, G force, etc.) that impact on the aircraft fuel system while the aircraft is in flight.

HMS Group withdrew Standard & Poor’s credit rating.

NEM completed the delivery of electrically driven pumps to Rostovskaya NPP and Leningradskay

Apollo completed the engineering, manufacturing and testing of a lube oil supply system for pumps,motors, turbo gears, turbo coupling and turbines according to the API-614 standard. Based on the development Apollo delivered seven complete oil supply systems to NEM for the water injection pump package for the LUKOIL Overseas, West Qurna 2 project.

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