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Projects on track

In December 2013, the company signed 5.7 billion rubles in contract to supply an integrated solution for a major Siberian gas field. According to the contract, HMS will design, manufacture, deliver, supervise and test the complex technological facility, including compressors, pumps, tanks and vessels, filters, coolers and other components. The project’s implementation time is two years.

In 2014, Transneft put into use three oil processing stations with 12 trunk pumps and auxiliary equipment, fully made by HMS Group, under the ESPO-1 extension project. Also, the Group delivered 8 trunk pipeline pump units for the Zapolyarye – Purpe oil pipeline. The project was designed to bring crude oil, produced in the northern areas of the Yamalo-Nenetsk and Krasnoyarsk regions, to markets through the ESPO pipeline.

HMS Group completed full reconstruction of three water-pumping stations of the irrigation channel “Zakhmet-Turkmenkala” under the order of the Ministry of Water Resources of Turkmenistan. These pumping stations will transmit water to the Murgap River for improving water supplies to agricultural lands to the south of the Kara-Kum River (31,000 hectares in total). The reconstruction included the “turn-key” construction of new pumping stations, and replacing the old ones, in an area with high seismicity of up to 8.0 by MSK-64. There were 12 main pumping units, each of 3.5 cubic meters per second capacity, and auxiliary pumping units, all specially designed-and-produced-by-HMS with a nominal power rate of 40 MW and capacity over 515 thousand cubic meters per hour in total. Blueprint design, production and delivery of unique pump-based integrated solutions were entirely executed by HMS Group.

Also, in 2014 the company completed delivery of pumping equipment for the water treatment facility of Qarmat-Ali that will provide a reliable supply of water for injection systems at Rumaila oilfield (BP Iraq NV). The scope of works included a project audit, manufacturing and supply of the main and auxiliary equipment, repair and retrofit of operated equipment, installation supervision and commissioning, acceptance tests in compliance with corporate and project standards of BP.

New projects

In June 2014, HMS Group signed a contract with one of the leading international companies, Alstom Power, for production and delivery of a large amount of pumping equipment for the Koeln Niel power plant construction project in Germany. According to the contract, the customer will receive two main VS6 condensate pumps with a flow rate of 760 m3/h and head of 97.8 m, two main OH2 boiler feed water pumps with a flow rate of 285.6 m3/h and head of 130 m, as well as four heating circulation and forwarding pumps. All of the pumping units will be produced according to the API-610 standard and equipped with automation and control systems.

In the 1st half of 2014, HMS Group signed a contract with one of the Russian oil & gas majors to deliver oil & gas equipment as part of a large-scale project, the so-called “Liquid Hydrocarbon Project”, which is planned to be fulfilled by the end of 2015.

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