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HMS Group is continuously strengthening its research and development capabilities and the Company`s strategy is aimed at establishing the best Research & Development in Russia and the CIS. Our investments are dedicated to strengthening our core competencies in industrial pumps, oil & gas equipment and compressor technologies, and in developing solutions for the oil and gas industry and water utilities.

Last year, HMS started the process of the localization of heavy pumps and pumping equipment manufacturing at HMS Livgidromash and Nizhnevartovskremservis, in close cooperation with Nasosenergomash (Ukraine); the company plans to complete this by the end of 2015. Within the framework of the project, the company plans to construct a new production unit and a new transformer substation as well as to build a test stand. The new test complex will become the only one of its kind in Russia, enabling the testing of the pumping units installed in the oil pipelines of Transneft and Rosatom’s nuclear power plants. It will consist of all necessary main and support systems to conduct operational testing of the heavy centrifugal pumping units.

HMS Group continues to strengthen its expertise in equipment designed according to international standards. In 2014, our engineers introduced a new lube oil supply system according to API-614, Apollo type series ACS, intended for pumps, motors, turbo gears, turbo coupling and turbines. The new lube oil system has been engineered as an integral part of the skid, to lubricate the pump and motor bearings. The system design ensures the easy dismantling of the lube oil system from the skid base plate for the further removal of the pump’s internal cartridge.

A new high-pressure and high-speed BB5 pump for offshore application according to API-610 standard was successfully tested as a complete skid (approx. 18,000 kg) with 4,620 rpm at the Apollo test stand. The pump is intended for deaerated seawater injection and has a complete new set of patterns for hydraulic parts like impellers, diffusers and barrels.

In the heavy oil pumps segment, new unique NGPN-M 1250-160 and NGPN-M 2500-160 pumps were produced and delivered in 2014. These NGPN-M pumps (BB1 pumps according to API-610 standard) - horizontal single-stage between-bearing double-suction centrifugal axially split pumps with inducers – have excellent NPSHR characteristics in a wide capacity range, in comparison with the high head one-stage pumps. For example, NGPN-M 1250-160 pump has 2 meters NPSHR, and NGPN-M 2500-160 has 2.5 meters NPSHR.

Following an increasing customer demand for multiphase flow metering units and in order to enhance the expertise in the development of this type of equipment, HMS Group has completed the construction of the largest multiphase metrological test flow facility in Russia, which will allow the testing and metrological calibration of up-to-date multiphase metering units.

In 2014, HMS Group designed, produced and delivered an aircraft fuel systems test bed, which is a part of an integrated test facility, capable of simulating a whole range of flight loads and operating data (pressure, temperature, roll and pitch, G force, etc.) which impact on the aircraft fuel system while in flight. Until now, domestic aviation companies could test fuel systems only during flight trials, having acquired additional considerable operational costs. Now, testing data will allow aviation companies to optimize aircraft fuel systems at the development stage and to set up new constructions on the ground.

The standard for the Russian oil & gas field development scheme of water treatment comprises bulky tanks and vessels with high maintenance costs, a complicated assembly and, in general, a lackluster effectiveness. And if the surface of the onshore fields permits the use of such large systems, it becomes a major challenge for offshore projects. Based on innovative practices, HMS Group has developed a new technological solution – a water treatment unit with an improved fine filter and a centrifugal water-cleaning machine – it’s distinct in its compactness and incurs less operating costs.

Last year HMS Group conducted several trial tests of a new well testing mobile unit, MERA-MR, to develop new competences in heavy oil reservoirs and oil wells with high viscosity fluids. Debits measuring tests were successfully performed at the East – Messoyakha and Russkoye fields with high–viscosity oils (up to 1.000 cSt).

In addition, HMS Group successfully completed a CFD–analysis of an original vortex centrifugal oil field gas separator, which was fully developed and designed by the Engineering Center of HMS Neftemash in Tyumen and where CFD – analysis was performed by the super–computer “Mendeleev” in the Tyumen State University.

This year, the company plans to manufacture the separator and use it in oil field trial operations at the FWKO facility “Evgen’evskaya” in the Samara region (Samaraneftegaz, Rosneft). This equipment is intended to be used in different gas treatment blocks, produced by HMS.

Last year, NIITK developed the first refrigerating multiplicatory-type GCM3-250/0.9-15.8 UHL4 compressor unit in Russia intended for propane compression, as part of cooling unit in oil & gas refining plants. The casing of the integral gear is made with a vertical split, due to high propane parking pressure and the gear pairing has a blade speed of 169 meters per second.

NIITK has also engineered its first complete Gas Compressor Package on the basis of the 25MW 5GC2-287/15-57 GTU compressor unit, manufactured by KKM. This unit is designed to compress dry stripped hydrocarbon gas for Stavrolen (LUKOIL). The compressor and gas turbine drive gas compressor package also comprises an exhaust-heat boiler, which generates super-heated high-pressure steam.

HMS Group’s current operating portfolio of almost 270 patents, and over 40 registered trademarks, reflects our commitment to research & development. In 2014, HMS Group filed 29 new patents, primarily focused on measuring equipment, including units to measure the oil production rate, etc.

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